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    Emergency water removal is iicrc certified business


    Happy November everyone, I wanted to give you a review from a customer that we just had, it touched me and it made me realize that if you do not use EmergencyWaterRemoval are missing out!  Your insurance company doesn’t care about you and your claim, I just heard from A large insurance company that said “Better to lose the customer than pay the claim!” This is a large insurance company! So hopefully you will never need to know how hard it is to get your claim covered and if you say the wrong thing it can be denied!

    nice things cust said about Cudab EmergencyWaterRemoval.com

    Post Job another happy CUDAB EWR
    Deny claim turns out to be covered by insurance see how (click here)

    Unfortunately, you are here because you had or have water damage. Did you know that Emergency Water Removal is available 24 seven 365 days a year?

    Emergency Water Removal can directly bill your insurance company (preferred billing  )

    We are also a Better Business Bureau of Atlanta; GA  accredited company A+. We have locations all across the USA.

    Knowing who is drying out your house is very important that’s why you can rely on Emergency Water Removal.

    No job is too big!  Locations: Atlanta, GA,  and Rochester, NY  everywhere in the middle!

    Lastly, this is the last thing that we need to happen in 2023, but with Emergency Water Removal we are your partner to dry your home and fix your house or business.

    Emergency Water Removal dries your home following IICRC.org principles that oversee our industry. Only 10% of all water mitigation companies hold this certification and Emergency Water Removal has had this certification for over 10 years now.





    We focus on the customer in everything we do!

    Not all hero wear caps!


    Happy Thanksgiving 2023!!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2023 I want to thank everyone for another amazing year at EmergencyWaterRemoval.com! EWR helped over 350 people during this year, from the freeze break to the Hurricane in Florida!! Also, EmergencyWaterRemoval.com become a Hazard clean-up company so we can do all types of cleanup now! EWR treats each job as the only one that matters! EWR also does...


    Flood damage can be a significant challenge to address, but there are several remedies and steps you can take to mitigate the effects and restore your property. Here are some flood damage remedies to consider: Ensure Safety: Prioritize personal safety during and after a flood. If it is safe to do so, turn off the electricity and gas supply to...