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Not Sleeping this met help!

Not Sleeping this met help!
Not Sleeping this met help!

We all want to sleep! No we all need to sleep 


First, zero of this knowledge is for medical advice, but this was what I did to get it so I could sleep again. Unfortunately, My wife had the same problems almost 10 years ago now. So when it started to happen to me I didn’t understand it at all and it took almost 15 days to catch what was going on.  The last few days I went to zero sleep! 

WHY??? I just wanted to sleep! 


Most of this stuff is the basic 101 knowledge that I spent almost 50 hours reading and looking at different websites to understand WHAT I was doing wrong!


Right to it,

Sleep is best to always do the same thing before you go to sleep. We love to follow a pattern and It calms the brain down! 

Next, keep all blue lights off! I tried but I still used a TV for 4 times a nite that would turn off after 30 minutes. 

I have an Apple iPhone and I had on 432 hz miracle sleep and never looked at my phone! 


Unless it turned off. I would have to turn it back on!


I had mold toxicity and when I found out I started to sleep in a chair to keep my head up. 


I wrap my foot in a  blanket as they would get cold at night.


I stop drinking anything 2 hours before bed


I always went to bed at the same time


I tried to have the lights off in my bedroom and would have them on in the other room so I had a little light so I could see from the door. 

Light is the biggest problem for me sleeping

I would rock in my chair which was also a recliner 

I pulled that into my bedroom so I would not leave my bedroom

When I had to go to the bathroom I kept my eyes closed( I said I was sleepwalking)


When my brain would keep going over and over the same thing. I focused on god and what does he want me to do in life! ( just telling you what I did) 


I went from my bed to my rocking/reclining chair. 

In the reclining chair, I would sleep on my side with my head up so the mold would not mess me up too much. I had to still sleep on my back but I would get too hot and thats why I would go to the chair. 


I found something to watch on tv that made me calm it was the dry bar channel on samsung tv.


I said to myself over and over again if my eyes were closed I’m sleeping so I kept my eyes closed as much as possible. 

I didnt do really anything else at nite below you will see what I took during the day that made all the difference in the world


Stuff during the day