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Cant figure out why you are getting sick all the time? Maybe its your bathroom or home! Everyday we see that spot on the wall or floor and don’t think anything about it, than maybe its making you sick! Follow a current customer journey, first her claim was denied by her insurance company than EmergencyWaterRemoval.com part of Cudab got involved and got it approved! How? See below and follow along

It was just another normal day for the woman, until she noticed a strange and unpleasant odor wafting into her living space from her bathroom. Alarmed, she decided to investigate the source of this foul smell, only to discover an extremely disturbing sight. The bathroom walls were being consumed by the growth of mold! She knew that this could lead to potential health hazards for her family, so she decided to file a claim with her insurance company right away.

However, her hope for a smooth resolution was shattered as the insurance company denied her claim, citing that her policy did not cover mold damage. Undeterred, she decided to take matters into her own hands and contacted an emergency water removal company to assess the damage. The professionals used a fluke camera to examine the situation and were shocked to see that the mold had penetrated deeper into the walls than initially assumed.

With help from the water removal company, the woman managed to gather the required evidence and present a compelling argument to her insurance company. After much persistence and advocacy from her side, the insurance company finally reconsidered her claim and agreed to cover the costs of mold remediation. The woman’s quick thinking and resolve not only safeguarded the health of her family but also taught her that persistence and determination can go a long way in securing the best outcomes.


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