What to do if you have an water loss Atlanta,Ga ?

What to do if you have an water loss Atlanta,Ga.jpg

First let me say the next phone call will change your life. If you call your insurance company and go to the company they tell you met be missing a lot of damaged that was caused by the water says “ George Caswell with Emergency Water Removal.

“Water is a tricky business, you have to get on your thinking cap to find where it went!” Insurance carrier vendors know that if they follow the standards that they will not be getting any more referrals from that company. They do the minimum amount of work to dry you house.

That’s why during this 4 th of July if you have a water loss hire a company that has over a 10 year service track of proving get customer service. Emergency Water Removal dries out your house the right way and we will show you every step of the way. The biggest mistake most mitigation companies make is that your house is dry in 3 days! That simply not true. Your house determines what needs to be done and how long it will take.

Every home is different and we find houses all the time that were “dried “ out by other companies and simply is not the case. Just the other week we had to remove a compete sub floor because the insurance sent out a vendor who didn’t do the right drying in the house.

Mold was everywhere in the crawl space with no way of cleaning because the wood was felling apart.

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