Clean Air Happy New Year 2022 !

Emergency Water Removal clean air program says Happy New Year 2022. Emergency Water Removal is happy to have a new year! Looking back at Covid 19, it has really made us focus on what is important which is clean air!. Emergency Water Removal focuses on clean air and that starts with drying your home out the right way!

Emergency Water Removal follows the standards that are REQUIRED from IICRC. I do not know one insurance company that is licensed to do IICRC work. So remember when you hire Emergency Water Removal we will dry your house outright so you don’t need to worry about your Air in your house!

Why is clean air so important? Because we are breathing in every day, we need to start saying “we are what we breathe not only what we eat” from George Caswell . That’s why I’m so proud of Emergency Water Removal and being open for over 10 years now. I know that Emergency Water Removal does the best job in the mitigation business for clean air. Did you know that insurance companies think that the water determines what type of water loss you had? We follow and use the same equipment that the local health dept uses to determine if we any foreign microbial growth in your house, If we have learned anything about viruses you should know what you are dealing with to make sure you have clean air! So Clean air Happy New Year from Emergency Water Removal

Insurance companies please review the following information

Emergency Water Removal follows the standards when drying out a person homes look at the following attachment and see what the standards are in our industry

Basement in Atlanta,GA that flooded and now is fixed because of Emergency Water Removal Clean Air Happy New Year