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Happy December Atlanta, Georgia

Happy December Atlanta, Georgia

Happy December Atlanta, GeorgiaHappy December Atlanta, Georgia


Water Damage. Flooded Basement. Mold we will find it in Atlanta,GA

Happy December to all Emergency Water Removal employees and customers!  This year 2023  has been a very strange one for Emergency Water Removal. If you look at the picture above you see a Toilet area with no damage than the picture on top is what Emergency Water Removal discovered! Emergency Water Removal has been doing this all year long, most of the damaged houses that Emergency Water Removal finds are hiding behind the wall and tile! Emergency Water Removal is located in Atlanta, GA and just this week we had over 5 customers either water damage, flooded basements, mold, fire, and just the normal water damage. Atlanta,

Water damage, Atlanta Ga has caused mold in 24-48 hours

Georgia has a climate that is very humid and it causes mold all over the place. Emergency Water Removal is a certified company with IICRC so you can trust that Emergency Water Removal is doing the right thing. So when you looking for a water mitigation company that knows how to do it the right way call Emergency Water Removal we are a licensed builder in the state of Georgia also with our sister companies.

Finding mold in a basement in Atlanta, GA, isn’t uncommon due to the area’s humidity. Basements can be susceptible to moisture buildup, creating an environment conducive to mold growth. It’s essential to address this promptly as mold can pose health risks and damage property. Professional inspection and remediation are recommended to ensure thorough removal and prevent recurrence.


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